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Saturday, February 21, 2009

First Post

I think that one of the reasons I've been holding off on actually posting here is that I've been waiting for something very deep and profound to say. Doesn't it seem that English majors should have something very witty and literary to say whenever they open their mouths? ;-)

But it's probably about time that I post something before I graduate! I'm hoping to graduate in May, and I'm so excited. I completely love the English department here, so if anyone is considering becoming an English major, I say go for it!

Right now I'm taking a Milton class, and it's been neat to see how people back in Milton's time still struggled with some of the perennial Christian questions we still ask today. When should we submit to authority? Is it okay to try to depose unjust governments? Is divorce acceptable? Can we reconcile the concepts of God's sovereignty and human free will?

I love getting to talk about these issues in the discussion boards because they're not just issues that we come across in books and articles; they're issues that we face everyday, and we need to respond to those questions in a way that's based on our Christian worldview. I love when literature touches life.

Anyway, just wanted to come on here and actually post something! Hopefully I'll have some more literary and life thoughts to share in the future. :-D
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